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Interactivity and Demonstration Highlights

This year’s Interactivity and Demonstrations program provides a live glimpse into the future with 50 hands-on presentations. It is an opportunity to fully engage at a personal level by touching, seeing and hearing interactive visions for the future. They come as prototypes, artworks, design experiences as well as inspirational technologies. The Interactivity and Demonstrations program promotes and provokes discussion about the role of technology by actively engaging attendees one-by-one. It includes:

Physical Programming for Blind and Low Vision Children at Scale
Project Torino is a physical programming language for teaching basic programming concepts and computational learning to children ages 7-11 regardless of level of vision. Designed to be deployed at scale, Project Torino has been successfully used by 30 non-specialist teachers with 75 children.

Demonstration of Springlets: Expressive, Flexible and Silent On-Skin Tactile Interfaces
Springlets are the first non-vibrating mechanotactile interfaces that can generate expressive and silent tactile output in a skin-worn form factor. In our demo, we show how they are designed, fabricated and controlled. Visitors can wear Springlet interfaces to experience their output.

Twenty Years of The Mixed Reality Laboratory
In this anniversary exhibition, Nottingham University’s Mixed Reality Lab presents some of our most recent and exciting works, alongside some of our archived works, and ask viewers to consider twenty years of CHI research and innovation – not just from our lab, but from the whole CHI community.

Demonstrating Kyub: a 3D Editor for Modeling Sturdy Laser-Cut Objects
We present an interactive editing system for laser cutting called kyub. Kyub allows users to create models efficiently in 3D. Kyub affords construction based on closed box structures, which allows users to make objects capable of withstanding large forces.

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