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Update 11/4/19

After the latest round of discussions, it seems that the UK will not now leave the EU until after the CHI conference has taken place. Therefore, there should be no impact on anyone’s travel plans. See you in Glasgow!

Update 25/3/19

Due to many political machinations, the UK will now not leave the EU on 29th March. For now, the date has been extended until 12th April. However, everything else is still undecided and the date may change again.

The UK will potentially leave the European Union on the 29th March, 2019. This process is known as ‘Brexit’. We have created this page to give some information to attendees and we will update it as things progress. At the moment, there is no clear plan for what will happen, therefore it is difficult to give precise information. However, it is unlikely to have a big impact on CHI in Glasgow.

It’s still not clear how Brexit will happen, or whether it will happen (the Scottish Government website gives more information). Despite this, the Scottish Government is working with the UK Government and public bodies to take steps to prepare for potential impacts.

The main area of focus for us at CHI will be travel.


If you are  a non-EU citizen travelling from outside of the EU then there are likely to be no differences to normal travel to the UK. Visa rules etc. will not be changed in the short term. Go ahead and book your travel and accommodation as you would for a normal trip to the UK.

For EU citizens travelling from an EU country, things may change a little. The UK Government and European Commission say flights between the UK and the EU will continue after 29 March 2019, no matter what happens after Brexit (this will apply to sea, coach, rail or Eurotunnel shuttle too). The European Commission has also said that there will be no difference to travel and holidaymakers won’t need a Visa during the ‘transition period’ (where the UK has left the EU but still follows EU rules while the new arrangements are made). This may change if there is a no-deal Brexit; we will keep this page updated with more information as we have it.

You may still need to check your passport is valid for at least six months after the date you plan to travel. For EU citizens, you might want to take out travel insurance rather than relying on EHIC, as rules for that may change is there is a no-deal Brexit.

GOV.UK EU exit guidance on transport

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