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One of our goals for CHI 2019 is to start making CHI more sustainable. You can read about our steps towards this goal in this blog post, but we also want to highlight the changes we are making here.

Reducing single-use plastics and paper

We are reducing printed leaflets and promotions and there will be no conference bag given out by default. We encourage you to bring a bag from a previous CHI or other event if you have one, and we’ll have facilities for you to personalise it along the CHI theme for this year. You can, however, choose to buy a high quality bag for life made from 3 recycled bottles at the venue. We’re cutting down single-use disposable plastic cups, but there will be plenty of water coolers where you can fill your own bottle. We will be giving you a recycled/recyclable water bottles at registration, and will also be selling bamboo coffee cups onsite. We’re also using recyclable badge holders.

If you take your reusable coffee cup to the Clydebuilt bar and kitchen, they will give you 20% off.

Recycling at the Conference Centre

We are providing cycling bins throughout the conference centre. Please use them so that we can save landfill waste. All the paper water and coffee cups are compostable.

Recycling bins at the conference centre
Recycling bins

Lower carbon transport links

The CHI 2019 venue is easily accessible by public transport in Glasgow. The venue is served by its own train station and is within short walking distance from Glasgow’s best neighbourhoods and hotels. Attendees can also use the nextbike Glasgow bicycle share scheme for free during the conference (for trips up to 30 minutes long). Register for nextbike Glasgow using the code 569856.

Live streaming, remote attendance and virtual meetings

We’re live streaming conference sessions and have remote attendance arrangements so the wider CHI community can attend the conference without flying across the world to join us. This year we also had a fully virtual PC meeting, greatly reducing the number of flights needed to organise the technical program.

Supporting sustainability programmes

We are working with the conference venue to promote their green and low carbon initiatives and their carbon offset programme. CHI 2019 is proud to have a grove of trees planted in the ancient Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands as a part of the Trees for Life program.

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