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Attending CHI can often feel like being in the middle of New York’s Times Square: Interesting things everywhere and a mass of people catching up and having interesting conversations. For a first time attendee it can also seem that everybody knows everyone. However, at CHI 2018 40% of attendees were at their first CHI, faced with an environment of knowing few in a place where everyone seems to know everyone else.

This year were are organising Lunch@CHI, organised lunches that connect new attendees over topics. If you want to attend such a lunch it’s easy: just pick the days you are available, tell us about your research interests and any dietary requirements. You can do all of this on the conference registration form when you register, or you can add it to the conference registration once you have registered. We will then get in touch shortly before the conference with the day and group (of up to 8 others) you will be part of, where you are going and when and where to meet. Each group will also have one experienced CHI attendee who can help you understand how to get the best out of CHI. Each person pays for their own lunch at the restaurant.

We’re also looking for experienced CHI attendees to lead each group. So if you’ve been to CHI at least a couple of times to connect with the freshest minds in CHI, then please fill out this form.

We hope Lunch@CHI will be a great opportunity to weave new connections with other first time attendees over the great culinary delights of Glasgow, that will last through CHI 2019 and beyond.

David McGookin, Joanna Bergström-Lehtovirta and Anusha Withana
Lunch@CHI Chairs