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ACM Europe Council Best Paper Award

The ACM Europe Council Best Paper Award was presented by ACM Europe Awards Group, Joaquim Jorge and Aaron Quigley, on behalf of the ACM Europe Council, during the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019). The recipients of this award are Kevin Doherty and Gavin Doherty, for their paper Engagement with Mental Health Screening on Mobile Devices: Results from an Antenatal Feasibility Study.

This photo shows the winners of the ACM Europe Council Best Paper Award receiving their award certificates, at the CHI 2019 conference.

The paper documents the first feasibility study on mobile devices to engage women in antenatal mental health screening. Using a mobile application, women attending UK National Health Service midwifery clinics provided reports of their wellbeing over a 9-month period. The application was instrumental in reporting risks of depression, self-harm or suicide; two-thirds of whom were not identified by conventional screening in-clinic.

This award-winning paper was selected amongst the 29 Best Paper Award winners at CHI 2019, by members of the CHI 2019 Best Paper Selection Committee.